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About the Author

      LA POWERS is the pseudonym for fantasy author Lynn Ann. She has been writing and published

     under several pen names for over twenty five years. Originally starting with westerns, she soon

     found her love was fantasy, after being given an assignment from one of her publishers.

On the Books:

"Whether human, alien, shape-shifter, cowboy, or pirate, it all comes down to the issue of the heart, character, and choices made. Harsh reality and humor weave throughout each book series to bring the reader stories of survival, love, adventure, and self-worth.

"I write to entertain, despite the variety of the adult issues explored---some of which, no doubt will offend some audiences. The characters are made to be living, breathing beings, who all face the same question: What would you do if . . . What they end up doing, at times even surprises me!"

This site dedicated to my parents who always encouraged me.

OK Dad.

Hav tro *Biodh creideamh agad * Have Faith

Sejr * Buaidh * Victory