Shanton 3 Chronicles

Planetary races bred with Medieval Earth humans. Abandoned on a planet of dragons and reptilian enemies called the Draconic who drink their blood.
Elifin. WaterBreathers, Lion People-The Leandor, Knights; warriors all.

Survival of the strong, determined and humorous,

this series will entertain the reader

with its take on life.

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The White Dragon

Book 1

The White Dragon kicks off this series with a Quest, introducing the Shanton3 races,

and main characters.

A land of dragons.

An underworld of killers called the Draconic.

The one dragon who must be sought and made tame to save humanoid kind.

The Draconic-killing, ice-breathing, elusive White.

So The Quest begins for

The White Dragon . . .

S3C Companion Book

Dictionary & Word Meanings

A must-have for fans of the series.
Before there was a White Dragon Quest,there was an explanation of how a moon became a planet, and otherworld aliens with Medieval Earth humans became a people.

In reality, the language shared by these blended beings would no doubt sound strange,  for all significant purposes, this series is treated with a familiar speech pattern and words to convey, easily the workings of a humanoid's heart.

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Coming Soon

A Lion's Heart

Book 2

Who are The Leandor?

Think, big, think strong, think . . .

the right kind of axe can get through the toughest bark.

Leandor are the Lion People; Shantonthree's giant hairy warriors. Great fighting masters  with lusty appetites for laughter, dancing, and amorous studding towards females of every race.

They are good with their hands; both with crafts and females. They love hard. Fight hard. Die hard.

Then there was Reginal.

Easy going, humorous, a fighter against match-making friends. Short.

He did not believe in obsession-affection, as the Leandor called love.  But he wanted children. Warrior on The White Dragon Quest. His goal after, to find some female just to give him a child and be on her way. But someone had other plans.

Kaylee was no warrior but knew it was definitely war to win over Reginal and destroy his cold-hearted plan. She joined the quest just to spite him. Fighting the Draconic and fire- breathing dragons seemed easy compared to his broken stubborn heart . .

She was Lion-enough to make him roar.